Christian Case for Rough Sex

Neither faith nor relationships work without a struggle, so why should our most intimate act of connection be forced to be gentle? … More Christian Case for Rough Sex

On Keeping my Eyes Open

During sex, with my eyes closed, I trust the feel of their body, the sound of their breath, their moans, the feel of their heat against my skin, the pressure of our mouths pressed together. But our eyes meeting, for whatever reason, feels like asking everything at once:

Do you accept all of me? The girl with the messed up hair and the face that gets too red? The scared girl? The girl full of needs? The girl that likes you and imagines future dates? The girl who wants you to feel cared for? The girl who wants to feel cared for in return? … More On Keeping my Eyes Open

Embracing the “other” without understanding them

D was asking me how to understand this woman, and what I was thinking was much broader and somewhat bleak: I don’t think we’re ever going to understand and respect everyone else. I don’t think we’re ever going to get rid of all our biases. I’m not saying we shouldn’t try. I’m saying that our respect for each other shouldn’t be based on understanding each other. … More Embracing the “other” without understanding them

Sex, Love and Acceptance: Defining myself as a Scarlet Christian

I recently wrote a guest post for The Honey Quill blog about my new tattoo. Here is the start: “Long before I was sexually active, I was drawn to the Biblical stories of outcasted women—the woman at the well, the woman who anointed Jesus’s feet with perfume, the woman for whom Jesus drew a line … More Sex, Love and Acceptance: Defining myself as a Scarlet Christian