Virtue, Sexual Ethics, and the Catholic Church

“If you accept the fluidity of sexual orientation and gender as part of your definition of the sexual human person, then it logically leads us to shift from an act-centered sexual morality to a virtue-centered sexual morality.” … More Virtue, Sexual Ethics, and the Catholic Church


Can Pleasure be a Virtue?

Next week, I’m speaking at the 2018 Christian Feminism Today Gathering about pleasure and virtue. Here are my thoughts/notes for the workshop. You can also check out my notes for my CatalystCon Midwest presentation about a progressive approach to Christian sexual ethics. What is Virtue? Definitions of virtue: Behavior showing high moral standards (Oxford) Conformity … More Can Pleasure be a Virtue?

Interview with Rev Bev

The Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale, affectionately known as “Rev Bev,” is an ordained Christian clergy in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and graduate of Chicago Theological Seminary. She is currently an adjunct professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary teaching courses on sexuality and religion and is the founder of the inclusive, science-friendly, sex-positive Incarnation Institute … More Interview with Rev Bev