Worth the read

Sacred Geography: A Queer Latino Theological Response to Orlando

“As a queer theologian, I understand why we are so quick to name gay nightclubs as sanctuaries and sacred spaces, but as a Latino theologian, I urge us to pause and talk about the fact that the attack occurred on Pulse’s “Latin Night.” Let us own that communities of color are mourning the loss of our brown and black kin.” Read more

Dear Church (A Frank Letter From A Queer Christian)

“Dear Church, believe it or not, it’s not in spite of, but because of the Word that I have decided to “come out” as queer. It’s precisely because that I believe that God is still speaking to us and that the Kingdom of Heaven is in our midst that I fight for the rights of my LGBT+ siblings in society and in the church.” Read more

On Redeeming Other People

“But, this isn’t the redemption I imagine in its entirety. This is the softer version, the one in which I can imagine that the man who is my biological father would want to be redeemed, or that he would even agree that he needed to be redeemed.” Read more

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